Bible Study

The Story:  The Bible as One Continuous Story of God and His People
From Samuel through the Kings and into the early Prophets

Selections from the New International Version
Study Curriculum by Randy Frazee with Kevin and Sherry Harney

How many times have you read the Bible? Did you find new insights each time?
We invite those who have read The Story with us in the past,
as well as those who would like to read it for the first time!

God goes to great lengths to rescue lost and hurting people – the story of the Bible is about God’s great love affair with humanity. Join us for the clear, accessible study of the Bible using  The Story. Be swept into the unfolding progression of Bible characters and events from Genesis to Ruth in this Session. Classes include reading, discussion and short DVD connections to life.

As we study The Story, we will learn that heaven and earth are woven more closely together than we ever dreamed. All through the story of the Bible we see two parallel and beautiful dramas unfold. There is the Upper Story. God is real, he is present, and he is working on our behalf. There is also the Lower Story. We live on earth. We make mistakes, run from God, and resist his overtures of love.

As we recognize how closely both stories fit together, we will learn to experience God’s love and grace as we walk through our days. God wants to be with us. This is the refrain that echoes throughout The Story. On our journey we will discover that God’s story and our story are really one and the same.

Led by Pat Grill


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