Christian Book Study

Glory Days by Max Lucado

Feeling stuck in the same old, same old?
Life carries on, but the Christian life has become a bit more routine and less extraordinary?

The Israelites knew what that was like. After the show of power in the plagues, and divine rescue from Pharaoh, they endured 40 long years of waiting in the wilderness. They were free from the tyranny of Egypt, but not free from fear, or free from the temptation to chase other gods.

In Glory Days, Max Lucado examines the life of Joshua and the challenges Israel faced, showing how God was present, even in the midst of their wilderness experience. Just like Israel, you too can find the strength to thrive in the desert. You can close the distance between the person you are, and the person that you are intended to be. These can become your best days. Glory days.

Led by Iver Kennedy and Liz Thomson.



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