2018 Lenten Devotional

The “I AM” Sayings of Jesus

Lent is a time for reflecting on our own faith journeys, as we journey with Christ to the Cross.

Jesus asked this thought provoking question of Peter,“Who do you say I am?”

Jesus tell us . . .
I AM the Light of the World
I AM the Bread of life
I AM the Good Shepherd
I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life
I AM the True Vine
I AM the Resurrection and the Life

Journey with us this Lenten season as we look in the Gospel of John at Jesus’ own declarations known as the “I AM” sayings. With each “I AM” Jesus reveals with vivid images more and more about his identity and purpose.

“Who do you say Jesus is?”

Let’s answer that question as we meet Jesus in these scriptures!

May our faith grow as Jesus invites us into a deeper relationship with him.

The PCTR Staff


This Lenten season we encourage you to join us, daily, as we seek to make space in our lives to encounter the Living God through His Word using a simple but powerful method (SOAP) to help us dig in to the Bible. The entire Bible points to the good news of Jesus. We will look at the “I AM” Sayings of Jesus and how they show us who Jesus is.

Follow this simple guide for the SOAP Method of Studying Scripture.

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