Rides to Worship

Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey (CVCJ) is piloting a program to help seniors without transportation get to worship on a reoccurring basis by matching them with volunteers. CVCJ will be using its visiting and transportation programs as the foundation to train & support volunteers and match drivers with riders.

What Does Volunteering looking like?
  • Pass a background check, including a motor vehicle check.
  • Attend a 45-minute Caregiver Volunteers training.
  • Be matched with a CVCJ client that wishes to attend worship at PCTR.
  • Provide a ride to worship on an agreed-upon regular schedule – that could be once a week, once a month, or whatever works best for you and the person you’re matched with.
What else should I know?
  • You will be matched with someone that lives near your neighborhood.
  • As a Caregiver Volunteer under the transportation program umbrella, you will be covered by supplemental insurance that CVNJ carries.
  • This is a pilot program. At this stage, we’re collecting the names of volunteers. Later this fall, CVNJ & PCTR will be inviting seniors to register for the program and you will be matched with someone then.

Register here: