2018 Pledge

Dear Friends,

Where am I in my relationship with God?

It is a question many of us start to think about but are not always certain how to answer.  As you think about how you would like to continue along your faith journey, let us come alongside one another and help each other thrive and grow in our relationships with God.

“Stewardship” has a few definitions.  For our purposes, stewardship is:
the conducting, supervising, or managing of something; especially: the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care.

And, the ‘something’ for us, as followers of Jesus, is our relationship with God.  Do we hope to be active members of PCTR? Yes.  Do we hope to share our God-given talents and gifts of support?  Yes.  Do we hope to be productive members of society?  Yes, again.

However, what we want MOST for ourselves, and you, is what God wants and has planned for you.  You may be on a healthy path or may be struggling to find time to breathe, let alone pray.  Wherever you are, we want to be there with you, help you discover God’s plan for you, and what steps you can take next.

Life By Design.  

Will you take a few moments to think about where you are now, where you want to be a year from now, how God is leading you and how we can help you get there?

Throughout October, we will be walking through four significant relationships: with God, with others, with our work (vocational and voluntary), and with our gifts.  We hope you will actively participate in each of the four weeks.  This is about the life God designed for you to live. We encourage you to prayerfully consider how you would like to move your relationships forward in the upcoming year.

Each of us is blessed by a wonderful covenant with our Lord. Our life’s journey with Him is filled with sublime gifts that the world cannot give us: grace in abundance, forgiveness and His unconditional love. We are asked to respond by dedicating our lives, talents and a portion of our treasure to His kingdom.

Online pledge card is below which gets sent to Colleen Kugler at PCTR. She is the only one who sees the cards, so she can help prepare our budget for next year. Everyone is encouraged to make a commitment to God for 2018. So, if two people in your house return a pledge card, please indicate (by checking the box) if your giving is done together so we don’t count them as two separate pledges.

Remember your gifts not only help you but also help others to reach their spiritual goals in this life and the next!

Also, please mark your calendar now and plan to join us for Dedication Weekend, October 28 and 29.

God bless you,

Peter Van Dyke and Dawn Hans
Co-Chairs, Stewardship & Finance Commission