God sends us to go and serve out in the world. His church is global and so is our mission to serve His people. We are being sent like Jesus was sent. We’re sent with the same purpose to bring healing and hope and redemption, to proclaim a hope and a ransom from the captives of this world, to bring justice and mercy for those who are struggling and suffering under oppression.

Opportunities to support our global community include short-term mission trips, as well as supporting those that travel to serve abroad and mission partners with a global focus.

Villages in Partnership

Villages in Partnership is a community of people and organizations who are devoted to sharing God’s love and blessings with the poorest of the poor in the impoverished nation of Malawi, Africa. It all began with a quiet but unshakable feeling in the mind and heart of co-founder Liz Heinzel-Nelson that God was calling her to be in a community with and serve the poor. In response to that call, Liz and her husband, co-founder Rev. Stephen Heinzel-Nelson, spent a year in Malawi with their family getting to know the country and its people, building relationships, and discerning how they and others could partner with people there to help change each other’s lives.

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Urban Promise Latin America

When we first came alongside our community mission partner Urban Promise, our partnership was focused solely on supporting the work the organization was doing in Camden, NJ. That was over 20 years ago. In the decades since, this partnership has also moved beyond New Jersey as connections first nurtured there have led to relationships with other Urban Promise locations like Urban Promise Latin America (UPLAM) in Honduras. With a goal of equipping and raising local leadership, UPLAM partners with other regions throughout Latin America to mentor and encourage those that support youth in their faith communities.

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Chiapas, Mexico

Mission teams from PCTR have traveled to the mountains of Chiapas, Mexico to help church leaders there develop Children’s Ministry programs. On these trips, the teams equip Sunday School teachers and pastors that in turn minister to about 1,000 children in 18 different communities in Mexico. In addition, they bring suitcases worth of medication for the local healthcare center and educational materials to be distributed to program participants. For information about future trips, contact us in the church office at 732-349-1331 or email [email protected]

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