Grow in Groups

Powerful growth happens in small groups. It’s why part of our approach to connecting people to full life in Jesus is to grow in groups. It’s where God wants to work in your life, and through your life. It’s within groups that we are equipped, where we learn, where we find courage, and where we are encouraged. In groups we can put the things we learn from a weekend sermon into practice. We can hold one another accountable. We can support one another. We can ask questions.

Growing in groups is a core part of who we are as a church. Through them, there are opportunities to connect with others of a similar age, stage of life, or even challenges you may be facing.

Groups for Kids (Birth – Grade 5)

Children are some of our favorite people! We are grateful for the opportunity to support them, encourage them, and teach them as they get to know Jesus. Of course, helping kids connect to full life in Jesus Christ also means supporting their families. Here’s what that may look like for your family: Next Gen Kids

Groups for Students (Grades 6-12)

We want middle school and high school students to know Jesus. We also want to encourage our students to ask the hard questions they’re wrestling with. We want them to find community and support here. And, again, helping students connect to full life in Jesus Christ means supporting their families. Here’s what that may look like for your family: Next Gen Students

Groups for Adults

Learning and growing in faith doesn’t have an age limit. Opportunities for adults to share life together, to study together, and to pray together are an important part of our life here at PCTR and we encourage you to find a group to connect with. Learn more here: Growing in Groups

Groups for All Abilities

We are passionate about creating an environment that is welcoming and accessible for all – regardless of special needs and disabilities. This means opportunities designed specifically for our special friends, as well as adaptations and support that allow individuals to participate in church-wide opportunities. Here’s what that might look like for your family: Special Needs

Groups for Support

God has brought us together as an intergenerational family of believers and seekers. As a growing family, we care for one another, which means providing support for those in our community who are navigating grief or other struggles. Here’s what that looks like: Support