Micro Groups

We’re excited about this new opportunity to connect at PCTR through Micro Groups!

If you are looking to go deeper with God and in relationship to others, we hope you will consider joining us. Yes, it is one more thing to do each week, but oh how it could change the other hundred things you have to do. Making God a priority, truly, is what we are looking for!

Triads and Quads

These unique groups of three or four people will be an accountability group with one another.
Accountable for what?  For daily spiritual practices and looking to live like Jesus every day.

Why Micro Groups? Jesus staked the future of his ministry on his investment in a few. Jesus invested in the 12 disciples, but within the 12, Jesus had a smaller group, a micro group. It included Peter, James and John – He seemed to invest even more in those men and depended on them for support (like in the garden — Mark 14:32-34).

What are Triads and Quads?

Groups of 3 (Triads) or 4 (Quads) people who agree to invest in each other, as they read Scripture together, in order to grow to be more Christ-like.

Groups would meet regularly on their own time – by conference call, email, in a backyard, sitting in cars at church, at an outside restaurant, on the boardwalk – whenever and wherever it works for them.

This is not a formal Bible study. Groups would spend time each week in Scripture, either using the sermons and Scripture from the worship services or choosing to walk through a book of the Bible, a few chapters, or verses each week. They would look for what God is saying to them in these times and in their lives. They will walk alongside each other, not as ‘teacher-student,’ but as peers sharing life together.

What Will You Do?
  • Read the Scripture each week intending to hear God’s voice.
  • Use Sermon & Scripture, or a Book of the Bible (a few verses or a chapter each week).
  • Meditate on the reading – what is God showing you or saying to you?
  • Ideally, write notes in a journal about what stands out to you and why – this could include questions you might have.
  • Share these when you meet/talk each week.

 If you want to start a micro group or join one – Contact Pat Grill ([email protected])

For more information about our Adult Education Programs contact Pat Grill, Assistant Minister of Adult Education at [email protected] or 732-349-1331 x245.