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Join us at LIF! A time of fellowship and study for adults

Living In Faith
September 11 – November 27, 2017 (11 weeks)
Mondays in the Haven

  • 6:30pm – Catered Dinner ($8)
  • 7:00pm – Desserts & Table Discussions
  • 7:15-8:30pm – Five Study Choices from

Bible Study

The Story – The Bible as One Continuous Story of God and His People
From Ezra (God’s people return from Babylon) To Acts (New Beginnings)
by Randy Frazee with Kevin and Sherry Harney

How many times have you read the Bible? Did you find new insights each time?
We invite those who have read The Story with us in the past, as well as those who would like to read it for the first time!

God goes to great lengths to rescue lost and hurting people – the story of the Bible is about God’s great love affair with humanity. Join us for the clear, accessible study of the Bible using The Story. Be sweep into the unfolding progression of Bible characters and events from Ezra to Acts in this Session. Classes include reading, discussion and short DVD connections to life.

As we study The Story, we will learn that heaven and earth are woven more closely together than we ever dreamed. All through the story of the Bible we see two parallel and beautiful dramas unfold. There is the Upper Story. God is real, he is present, and he is working on our behalf. There is also the Lower Story. We live on earth. We make mistakes, run from God, and resist his overtures of love.

As we recognize how closely both stories fit together, we will learn to experience God’s love and grace as we walk through our days. God wants to be with us. This is the refrain that echoes throughout The Story. On our journey we will discover that God’s story and our story are really one and the same.

Led by Pat Grill

In-Depth Bible Study

The Book of Exodus

Join us as we discover the story of Exodus that tells of slavery and a savior, plagues and Passover, salvation and provision, the Law, the Tabernacle, and the Priesthood.

Exodus, the story of God’s people “going out” from Egypt is the history of how God, through Moses, led the people of Israel out of slavery in Egypt and across the Red Sea to freedom, towards the Promised Land. It is also our story: one of redemption, faltering faith, and the grace that ushers us to the Promised Land. Exodus is a mirror in which we see ourselves… and if we are willing to look closer we will also see the Lord Jesus.

Join us as we study these early chapters of the Bible and see how they speak to our understanding of all of Scripture and to our lives today.

Led by Bill Pabst

Christian Book Study

by Robert J. Morgan
Do you end each day feeling exhausted and hoping God will give you energy?
He already has—in the Bible!

Pastor Robert Morgan leads a busy life as a pastor and is also a multitasking caregiver to his disabled wife. Most days he feels exhausted, yet over time God has shown him how to build himself up when he’s worn himself out. He has learned to fully embrace Psalm 84, as he moves from strength to strength. The valleys and the weaknesses are inevitable. Our task is to embrace these as we wait for God to take us to our next time of strength.

After reviewing the 232 occurrences of the word strength in Scripture, Pastor Robert Morgan identifies and explains 12 passages that offer reminders of the stamina God provides throughout our lives—sustenance that never wavers, always endures, and is continually renewed.

Led by Iver Kennedy and Liz Thomson

In-Depth Christian Book Study

After You Believe: Why Christian Character Matters
by N.T. Wright

We all want to get to heaven, but sometimes our eternal focus overshadows how we live in the here and now. What does God want for us? Taking you on an eye-opening journey through the New Testament, Wright shows how staying in the present can radically alter the church’s work—and the direction of our lives.
As Christians, what are we to do with that ambiguous time between baptism and the funeral? It’s easy to become preoccupied with who gets into heaven; the real challenge is how we are going to live in the here and now.

Wright dispels the common misconception that Christian living is nothing more than a checklist of dos and don’ts. Nor is it a prescription to “follow your heart” wherever it may lead. Instead, After You Believe reveals the Bible’s call for a revolution—a transformation of character that takes us beyond our earthly pursuit of money, sex, and power into a virtuous state of living that allows us to reflect God and live more worshipful, fulfilling lives.

We are all spiritual seekers, intuitively knowing there is more to life than we suspect. This is a book for anyone who is hoping there is something more while we’re here on Earth. There is. We are being called to join the revolution, and Wright insightfully encourages readers to find new purpose and clarity by taking us on an eye-opening journey through key biblical passages that promise to radically alter the work of the church and the direction of our lives.

Led by Dan Raisch

Men’s Discipleship

The Life You’ve Always Wanted
by John Ortberg

The Men’s Discipleship group provides men with the teachings and the encouragement to live lives of authentic manhood, as modeled by Jesus and directed by God’s word.
The heart of Christianity is transformation—a relationship with God that impacts not just our “spiritual lives,” but every aspect of living. In The Life You’ve Always Wanted John Ortberg calls you back to the dynamic heartbeat of Christianity—God’s power to bring change and growth—and reveals both the how and why of transformation.

This is more than just a book about things to do to be a good Christian. It’s a road map toward true transformation that starts not with the individual but with the object of the journey—Jesus Christ. Join us for this time of study and discussion, as together we look at what it means to live our Christian lives as men in the 21st Century.

Led by Peter Thomson and Doug Ridgway


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