Visitation Ministry

Many people really appreciate a personal visit from someone from the church. These vital visits communicate the love of God and the care of our church. Through our Congregational Care Committee of the Deacons, we have a network of different groups who make these caring visits.

They include our Stephen Ministers (trained caregivers who make visits to members who need a special touch) our Ambassadors (those who make visits on the first Thursday of the month to home members & hospitalized), as well as, our Deacons  (these leaders are assigned a home member each year to maintain a consistent relationship with the member through calls, cards, as well as, occasional visits).

If you would be interested in making visits to some of our members, please contact the Church office at [email protected].

To learn more about our Caring Ministries or to help serve in one of these areas, please the church office (732-349-1331).