Special Needs Ministry


Mission Statement      

We will work to create an environment that is welcoming and safe for ALL of God’s children – regardless of special needs and disabilities.  We will seek to give these children access to the opportunities that other members of our church family enjoy.  We will also strive to be a support system and a haven for those who care for loved ones with special needs and disabilities, by building relationships with them, and working to meet the needs of their specific situations.  With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we will use creativity, flexibility, and experience of others, in order to make PCTR a place that feels like home, and where these families can come and grow in their faith each week.


What We Offer:

  • Additional assistance in Worship and Church School each Sunday at the 10am service. This could be as simple as providing additional information to the Church School staff/teacher or may be more involved, such as having a one-on-one “buddy” assigned specifically to assist a child and his/her family each week.
  • Creating a monitored “sensory space” where children and their buddies can go if the classroom setting becomes overwhelming for them.
  • Social gatherings on a monthly/bi-monthly basis for young adults with special needs or disabilities (i.e. Pizza and a movie night or a game night, etc.)
  • A support group for those who care for children with special needs/disabilities.


To sign up complete our online form below or contact Michael Barozzie at [email protected] or 732-349-1331, ext 226.

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For more information about the Special Needs Ministry here at PCTR contact Michael Barozzie, Director of Children’s Ministry at [email protected] or 732-349-1331 x 226.