Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry at PCTR exists to reach out to the youth in the congregation and community, to introduce them to a relationship with Christ, to support them as they grow and mature in their faith and to help them discover their gifts and talents to go out into the world to serve Christ and to further his kingdom.

PCTR is a great place to be a student!
Today, youth are busier than ever! They are involved in school, work, sports, clubs, and home. In the craziness of life, PCTR provides a home where you are accepted, loved and can be renewed to face the challenges of life.

We offer students in grades 6 through 12 a wide range of opportunities to develop and deepen their relationship with Jesus, to discover their God-given gifts and to experience the true friendship found in Christ. Being a part of our Youth Group gives students a place to serve, learn and belong.


For more information about the Youth Ministry Programs here at PCTR [email protected] or call the church office at 732-349-1331.