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Summer 2019 Events

Pedals and Paddles (CAST and FISH)– 6/15, 9:30-1:30, $25+ ~ $15 for lunch Join us for kayaks, paddle boards, water trampolines and more! Meet at the church at 9:30 and we will head to Seaside Heights together. Lunch after at Stewart’s All American Grill. Leaders Needed! Invite your friends!

Beach Day (CAST and FISH) 6/21, 4:30pm-9pm, $5 for pizza
Come hang out at the beach to celebrate the first day of summer break! Food and fun included. If you need a ride meet at the church at 4:30 pm. If not, plan to meet us over at J Street in Seaside Park at 5 pm. Pick up at 8:30 pm if you don’t need a ride back to church. Leaders Needed! Invite your friends!

Tubing Down The Delaware (CAST and FISH) 6/26, 8am-around 5pm, $30 Lunch is Included! Take an adventure with us down the Delaware River. We will spend the afternoon cooling off in the water as we float on our tubes and swim. Leaders Needed! Invite your friends!

ServeFest – Jr High School Local Mission Trip 6/28 9am-6/29 6:30 pm $40 ServeFest is our local mission experience for Jr. High Students. Our team will serve various ministries in our local area while learning more about how our service connects with our faith. We will be staying over at the church on Friday night. Leaders Needed! Invite your friends!

Paintball (CAST and FISH, Guys and Girls) 7/3, 8:30am-12:30pm, $40 Connect with us through a little friendly competition on the paintball field. Price includes rental paintgun, goggles, and paintballs. First timers welcomed. Meet at the church at 8:30 am. Leaders Needed! Invite your friends!

Vacation Bible School – ROAR! 7/8-7/12, 9am-12pm daily
Student Leaders Needed! Come serve with the children’s ministry as we help the children explore God’s goodness and the ferocious faith that powers us through this wildlife. Contact Pat Grill or Michael Barozzie to find out how you can help! [email protected] [email protected]

VBS Lunches
Tuesday 7/9, 12:30pm @Burger 25 on Rte 37
Wednesday 7/10, 12:30pm @Bubbakoos on Rte 37
Thursday 7/11, 12:30pm @Playa Bowls on 224 NJ Rte 37
Meet us for lunch after VBS. Parents, siblings and anyone else is welcome to join us! Pickup will be from the restaurant. Bring money for food. If you need a ride, let us know!

CAST Lock-In & Breakwater Beach 7/12-7/13, After VBS, 12:30pm-8am, $40 Calling all Jr. High School students to come spend a night locked in the church. Tons of games and activities to keep everyone entertained and engaged. Meet at the church at 12:30 for lunch and to help with VBS clean up. We will leave for Breakwater Beach at 2:30 pm. Leaders Needed! Invite your friends!

Six Flags Great Adventure (CAST and FISH) 7/17, 10am-8pm, $50 for tickets or purchase season pass ~ $30 for 2 meals in the park
Ride out with us for a day of thrill at Six Flags Great Adventure. Who is ready to try the new Wonder Woman pendulum? Meet at the church at 10 am. Leaders Needed! Invite your friends!

Middle School Trip to Camp Ligonier 6/21-6/25, $350
Come on the adventure with us as we step out of our comfort zones and grow in our faith together! Some of the activities we may do are the Pamper Jump, Flying Squirrel, 1,000’ Dual Zip Line, The Vomit Comet, Laser Tag, Tubing & Swimming on the lake, Caving, Club – a high-energy praise meeting, and The Luge-a HUGE slip & slide down a mountain. Leaders needed! Invite your friends!

FISH Lock-In & Jackson Skating Center 7/19-7/20, 5pm-8am, $25 Let the good times roll. Come spend a night locked in the church. Get ready to make friends and make memories. Meet at the church at 5 pm. We will eat dinner and then head over to Jackson Skating Center together. Leaders Needed! Invite your friends!

Ultimate Frisbee Friday 8/2, 2pm-4pm, Walnut Street Elementary School Meet us at the field behind the school for an afternoon of frisbee and fun. Leaders Needed! Invite your friends!

Download  Summer 2019 Information Packet

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For more information about  the Youth Ministry Programs here at PCTR contact Scott Slawson, Director of Youth Ministry at [email protected] or 732-349-1331 x244.