Youth Leadership Academy


-To help students discover the unique way God has created them to serve and to take on leadership roles in order to put gifts and talents into practice.

-To help students develop their leadership skills, a heart for serving, and sense of calling.

Process: In order to accomplish these goals an individualized approach is needed. Students will meet with the Youth Director to develop their SHAPE Profile over the course of several meetings. These meetings will be informal times to discuss what they are learning about themselves often over coffee or ice cream.  These discussions will be guided by discussing “Congratulations! You’re Gifted” Together.

After students have completed their SHAPE profile they will, along with input from the Youth Director and their parents, identify a ministry area within the church or an organization outside of the church where they would like to serve.

Some examples of places that students might be interested in serving include.

  • Working with the Children’s Ministry as part of Church School or AIM Club
  • Working with the Communication Commission to photograph church programs and events
  • Starting a new club in your school around one of your interests
  • Becoming an ambassador within the Youth Ministry to welcome new students
  • Work with the Congregational Care and Life Commission to provide hospitality for church events
  • Work with the Music Ministry to lead others in worship or serve on the worship team
  • Take on a leadership role within your sports team to help teammates and create community
  • Work with an existing organization outside the church to further their mission

As students are engaged in serving in this capacity they will continue to meet with the Youth Director every couple months to continue examining their SHAPE profile and for coaching on how to best grow in their leadership role. This Follow up coaching will be guided by reading together “Help! I am a Student Leader”.

Once students have successfully completed the follow up meetings they will be awarded a certificate of completion and will be able to include this accomplishment on their résumé or job applications.

Youth Leadership Academy Requirements:

  • Approximately 3 one-on-one meetings to develop SHAPE Profile
  • Choose an area to serve by taking on a leadership role (approx. 1 hour per week)
  • At least 3 one-on-one meetings for follow-up and mentoring
  • Read 2 Books, Congratulations…You’re Gifted and Help I am a Student Leader which will guide our discussion during our one-on-one meetings. Both of these are short books and easy to read.

For more information or to participate in the Youth Leadership Academy contact Scott Slawson at [email protected] or 732-349-1331×244