Poinsettia Donation 2021

Given ByGiven in Memory or Celebration of
Shawn AllanMy parents Martin & Muriel Hansen
Margaret & Jim AmbergWilliam Whitehead Jr, Ezra William Sr and Eleanor 
Barbara AndersonHazel & Bryant Ross, and Jim Anderson
Julie, Landon & Kelsey ArmbrusterMr. Joseph Sommer
Rich & Nancy BanachIn memory of loved ones
Joe and Gabby BarrettJulie Barrett
Donna BlakeCraig Blake
Blyth FamilyAlice Smith
Judy BonickerMemory of Bonicker Family Members and Lyons Family members
The Burak FamilyTom Burak, Bill & Betty Heccon, and Anne & John Burak
Vivian BurnsSandy Castella
The Cabey FamilyJulie Barrett and Bill Cabey
Thomas ChletsosMy Loving Brother Ted Chletsos
Charlene Czajkowski In memory of Ronald Czajkowski
Larry & Rita Clemmensenour parents
Robin CollierMadeleine Joncas McCloskey, William Nyhan, and Richard Collier
The Cuneo FamilyLee & Joyce Harris, and Kathy, Bill, & Gregory Cuneo
Lucia D’AmbrosioVincent and Rae Sorbello
Pamela DonohueThe Buser Family
Dorothea DuncanRemembering all those loved and who have made Dianna and me who we are today by their strong Christian example of faith, love, kindness and hope and living for Jesus. We remember Lester & Johanna Bodwell, Janes & Corrine Bodwell, Bill Duncan, Marion Duncan
Nancy EwaldCharles Ewald
Adele and Lou FernicolaOur believed son Joseph, other loved ones, and Rose Ann Semanchick
Marianne FinkLoved ones
James Gaiser Sofy Straista 
Vinnie GalluccioJimmy & Stella Galluccio and Anthony & Bebe Laurano
Lynn GermondIn memory of loved ones passed
Deborah GarrutoMy brother and parents
Beverly & Dave Gaston in celebration of our 60th Wedding Anniversary
Donna Guenther and Frank MaliziaOur parents
Susan HalseyBarbara L. & Robert H. Halsey
Stacey HaykelIn loving memory of Gail & Joseph Begley
Henbest FamilyJames C Hebest
Nadia HermanTom Herman, Herman family, Hladycm family
Michael HovanceJanet Hovance, Peter Hovance, Stephanie Jensen, Christine Carrigan
Jen HoweDavid Coyle
Amanda HublerEllen Egan 
David HunterMemory of Charlene Hunter, Wife and in Celebration of Earlene Hunter, Mother, 102, Dec 19 2021
Ellen and Rich HyersStanley and Helen Hyers and Mildred and Wm Gallas
Diane JaceyMarie & Charles Jacey
Jane KahntBetty & Warran Kahnt, Jack & Gloria Pilkington, and Leonard Williams
Christopher KaledaMr & Mrs Dennis Kaleda
Patricia KennedyJackson W. Kennedy
Iver and Karen KennedyLoved ones
Marlyn La VoieLeigh LaVoie, Sr from his loving wife and family
Jan & Rocky LarsonOur daughter Renee Larson Kime
Toni LeonardMy husband Thomas M. Leonard
Toni LeonardLoved ones, Mr & Mrs Sigmund Stewart and Mr & Mrs Leonard Sr.
Jeanne LewkowiczOscar and Berta Bazan
Maloney FamilyJames F Maloney
Mary MaschuciAgnes & Louis Sylvester
Marge McCloudKeith McCloud
Andrew McGee FamilyAnne & Bob Dowling, Eldon McGee, and Scott Miller
Dianne MilosciaDonald Eckman
Cindy NaccaHarry Chapman and William Nacca
Ruth NautaLoved ones
Carol PedersenJohn  Randall  Pedersen
Sheila PestaFe G. Icamen
Ponnambalam FamilyBeloved parents Earle, Anne, Allan and Rose
The Przewoznik FamilyElizabeth & George Pickering, Mark Przewoznik, and George Henderson
Beverly ReichMargaret and Royal Hella
Vicki, Doug, and Shelly RidgwayFrederick Gonzales, Jr.
Carmen RodriguezMaria and Antonio Rodriguez
Carole RogersBlair and faith Rogers
Diana SambolinMy mom Mercedes Ruiz
Karen Semanchick Rose Ann Semanchick 
Beverly SheppardSusan Jeffers and Barbara Amendola
Bob and Pat SpeedyIn loving memory of our parents 
Merrilee SteeleGary Steele and W Jane Smith
Sylvia StuttsRobert K. Stutts
Carl & Jane Thompsen and FamilyMom and Dad Earl R. & Hester Adams, Earl B & Ginney Adams, Olaf and Amialia Thompsen
Susan ViigJesus birth
Ward-Granda FamilyWilliam T. Granda and Edward W. Novak
Michele ZaragozaJessie D’Amico and Alicia Zaragoza
Lucille ZitelliMy sisters Joyce Graichen and Kay Koch