Poinsettia Donation 2020

Given by Given in memory or celebration of
Margaret & James Amberg Ezra William Whitehead and Eleanor Whitehead
Barbara Anderson & Ruth Nauta Loved ones
Dena Barcellona In loving memory of my husband Tony
Joe & Gabby Barrett Julie Barrett
Graham & Terry Lynn Bright Ruth & Phil Bright, Mary Lou & Pert Parker
Mary Burak Thomas Burak, Bill and Betty Herron, John and Anne Burak
Vivian Burns My sister Sandy Castella
Bobbie Cabey Bill Cabey
Bobbie Cabey Julie Barrett
Anne Camp In memory of loved ones
Lawrence & Rita Clemmensen In memory of our parents
Robin Collier William Joseph Nyhan
Robin Collier Madeleine Margaret Joncas McCloskey
The Cuneo Family Lee & Joyce Harris and Kathy & Bill Cuneo
Pamela Donohue The Buser Family
Dorothea Duncan Memory of The Bodwell Family
Barbara Eckert My Love Ones
Nancy Ewald Charles Ewald
Adele & Lou Fernicola Our son Joseph
Adele & Lou Fernicola Our dear friend Rose Ann Semanchick
Vinnie Galluccio Tony & Bebe Laurano and Timmy & Stella Galluccio
Lynn Garmond Loved ones passed
David & Bevery Gaston In Celebration of our 59th Wedding Anniversary
Cindy & Rich Gilchrest In loving memory Ed and JoAnn Hart
Cindy & Rich Gilchrest Bettie, Art and Jeffrey Gilchrest
Jennifer Ward Granda William Granda and Edward Novak
Susan Halsey Barbara L & Robert H. Halsey
Nadia Herman Hladycm Family
Stacey Haykel In loving memory of Gail & Joseph Begley
Larry and Barb Henbest James Henbest
Nadia Herman Thomas Herman
Nadia Herman Herman Family
Karen Hoch Elizabeth and Richard Hoch
Amanda Hubler Janet Hovance
David Hunter My mom Earlene, in honor of 100th Birthday, Dec 19, 2020
David Hunter Memory, wife, Charlene, June 23 1972 till Dec 14, 2016
married 44.5 years
Mark and Rosemary Hyer Memory of Grammie Di
Diane Jacey Marie & Charles Jacey
Gerry Jellets The Betterly family
Jane & Warren Kahnt Warren and Betty Kahnt
Jane & Warren Kahnt Jack and Gloria Pilkington
Iver & Karen Kennedy Loved ones
Mortimer & Eleanora Konwaler SCOTT CAROLYN MILDRED JESUS
Jan and Rocky Larson Renee L. Kime
Marlyn LaVoie & family Leigh La Voie, Sr.
Toni Leonard My husband Thomas Michael Leonard and loved ones.
Shirley O’Brien My husband Joseph P O’Brien, my parents Floyd & Helen Thompson, and dear friends Norma Milano & Enid Falluccia
Vicki Ridgway Carolyn Gonzales and Fred Gonzales Jr
Patricia & Brittany Santos Ruth & Harold Miles
Wendy Secero Diane Secero
Merrilee Steele Gary Steele
Sylvia Stutts Robert K. Stutts
Jane & Carl Thompsen Our parents, brother & sister-in-law
Zane family Jill Zane
Barbara Zane Jill Zane

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