Visitors are welcome to enjoy full participation at PCTR, but we also invite you to become a member of our family of faith.

New members are received after every service, and the process is simple. Speak with a Pastor immediately after the service and you will be requested to complete a short contact/information form. You will be asked how you are joining: (1) Profession of faith, if you have never previously belonged to a church; (2) Reaffirmation of faith, if you have previously belonged to a church, but have not been active lately; (3) Letter of transfer, if you currently belong to a church but wish to change your affiliation; or (4) Affiliate member, if you currently belong to a church and want to remain a member at that church as well as at PCTR. The Pastor will ask you a faith question and Elders will receive you into the congregation. You will be requested to attend a new member class at some later time.

If you have any questions, please call the church at 732-349-1331 and ask to speak with Pastor Robbie Ytterberg. We look forward to welcoming you into our church family.