Westminster Nursery School

 History of Westminster Nursery School 1951 – 2015

Westminster Nursery School, established by the Session of The Presbyterian Church of Toms River in 1951, is licensed by the State of New Jersey.  September 2008 saw the opening of the first two and a half year old program.  In 2010, Westminster added Kindergarten to the program choices.  Full day program opportunities began in 2012. Our Extended Care program began in 2015.  WNS is open to all religions and communities.  People travel from as far as Manahawkin, Bricktown and Manchester to attend WNS.

The school is housed in the education wing of the Presbyterian Church of Toms River.  The Westminster Nursery School Supervisory Board is comprised of six church members – all with college degrees in education – plus the director of the school.  This board makes decisions regarding policy, hiring and budgeting as well as offers support to the school in various other ways.  The  WNS board reports to the Commission of Christian Education and then to the Session of the Presbyterian Church of Toms River.   Westminster’s staff and school meet the State of New Jersey Department of Children and Families requirements for licensing.  The WNS Board has, however, established higher educational certifications for our teachers than those required by state licensing for preschools.

The spiritual growth of our WNS&K children is enhanced through the special church coordinated program called “Rainbow Kids.”   Assemblies are provided by the children’s minister and Michael Barozzie from the church music staff.  Parents are invited to the programs three to four times throughout the year.

Westminster Nursery School wishes to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to our many faithful supporters. Westminster pledges to continue to reach out and serve the children and families of the expanding community.