Robbie Ytterberg

Senior Pastor & Head of Staff

David Cotton

Minister of Congregational Care

Kevin Hall

Director of Next Generation Student Ministries.

Lori Tomenchok

Special Needs Ministry Coordinator

Kate Grill

Director of Contemporary Music & Media Specialist

Pat Grill

Director of Adult Discipleship

Dr Josh Melson

Director of Music Ministries

Support Staff


Colleen Kugler

Financial Administrator


Tracy Pantiliano

Administrative Assistant


Frank Pasquarello


Sandy Potts

Sandra Potts

Communications Coordinator


Jason Reilly


The Session and Board of Trustees

Members of the church are elected by the congregation to serve on our Session as Elders. They also serve as our Board of Trustees. The Session is responsible for the governance of the church. Elders serve as chairs or members of different commissions that oversee specific ministry area of our church.

Liz Thompson – Chair
Brian Collis

Julie Armbruster – Chair

Mary Burak – Chair
Ronna Meyer

Liam O’Flynn- Chair

Nadia Herman – Chair
Dana Fallon

Debbie Wallach – Chair

Dan Izard – Chair

Carmen Rodriguez – Chair

Amy Lotano – Chair
Kim Veith
David Shipman

Scott Davis – Chair

Elsa Schock-Weiner – Chair

Doug Blyth – Chair
Tracy Hyer

Rev. Robbie Ytterberg

Kim Veith

Dan Raisch

Julie Armbruster

David Shipman


The Deacons of the church are elected by the congregation to minister to those who are in need and to serve those in the congregation and community.

  • Caitlin Blyth
  • Jill Brown
  • Judy Haas
  • Jessica Festa
  • Megan Miller
  • Jack Pollon
  • Dianne Reed
  • Tara Ruby
  • Mike VanBezooijen
  • Ethel Vircik
  • Debbie Garruto
  • Rick Hans
  • Dianne Miloscia
  • Rich Pedersen
  • Sheila Pesta
  • Audrey Rossman
  • Dianna Sambolin
  • Gail Smith
  • Mark Wagner
  • Joe Quattrock
  • Mary Coghlan
  • Diane Collis
  • Christy Fernandez
  • Diane Izard
  • Michael Novak
  • Bob Scarborough
  • Karen Scarborough
  • Lois Sloan-Novak
  • Kathy Thornhill
  • Martha Tully