Adult Discipleship

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Here at PCTR we offer a variety of learning and growing experiences for adults.

On Sundays we offer a Sermon Discussion group. We have Prayer Groups for Men and Women during the week.

On Mondays we offer a program called LIF (Living in Faith) that begins with fellowship and discussion at 7 pm, is followed by small group studies at 7:20 pm. At 7 pm, a group of parents of teens (many of whom are down the hall at Youth Group during this time), meet for a video-based study and discussion.

On Tuesdays and Thursday mornings we have an in-depth Bible study is offered.

On Fridays are times for some special events in the evening. On the Third Friday of the month our Couples Bible Study takes place.  The Fellowship Club meets on the third Friday of each month at 11:00 am in the Haven and is open to all adult members and friends, many of whom are retired. Expect warm hospitality, great fellowship and stimulating programs.

There are also Special Events, like our Book Discussions of current best selling novels, theater and museum trips, and adult retreats.


Are there questions about your faith that you cannot answer?
When I was 20 years old and a stay-at-home mom with an infant, I got involved in a number of conversations with Jehovah Witnesses and realized that I knew a lot of pat answers from my childhood, but very little about what was really in the Bible. When I joined PCTR two years later, I began to take whatever Bible and study classes I could fit into my busy schedule. That began my long journey of study that has now spanned over four decades. Reading the Bible along with books and Bible commentaries by the great Christian writers has changed my life. There is still much to learn and far to grow – so I relish all of the opportunities ahead in the great adult classes at PCTR where the Holy Spirit is working to help us understand the things we need to know and to mature us into the Christians that God wants us to be.
I encourage you to find time to come and study with us!  It will change your life!! –  Pat Grill


For more information about our Adult Discipleship Programs contact Pat Grill, Director of Adult Discipleship at [email protected] or 732-349-1331 x245.