Serve Our Community

We at PCTR have had a long history of commitment to missions both local and global. The members are excited and eager to reach out and help a neighbor in need. There is such a great transformation in the hearts of those who serve in mission. Perhaps it is witnessing of the Spirit at work or the love expressed by those served. Whatever it is the result is life changing for everyone! We hope that you will check out some of the great ministries we partner with and join us as we serve others in God’s name together.

There are many ways you join in the missions of PCTR. Locally we team with Caregivers Volunteers of Central Jersey to care for the frail and elderly allowing them to return their independence. We are also part of a support group, The Walnut Street Elementary Homework Club, which is composed of volunteers who help youngsters through their homework after school.

The Hope Center is another mission we team with. Together we help countless families and individuals when making ends meet becomes impossible for them. Our members help keep Food Pantry  located in The House of Hope stocked with food so they can provide food for families and individuals. Each Thanksgiving, our congregation provides, sorts and packs food for Thanksgiving Baskets that are distributed throughout our area.  In the months after Sandy, PCTR was a central location for a number of churches and organizations around the country to provide disaster relief for those affected by the storm.

malawi - judy

Beyond our local area we also partner with Urban Promise, a ministry focused on Children and Young adults in Camden and Trenton.   We work with Villages In Partnership working together with villages in Malawi, implement long-term sustainable develop projects designed to empower our friends there to be able to lift themselves out of poverty. There is also an opportunity to take a mission trip with us to Chiapas, Mexico in the summer of 2020. We’ll partner with Christians from the Tzeltal indigenous group by equipping them to do Sunday School with children and  youth. 

We invite you to check out these terrific ministries and get involved!