Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Here at PCTR we love kids and have a bunch of great programs and opportunities for them!

At both our Sunday services (9:30 and 10:30), kids (Pre-K to 5th) are invited to join us worship and then head off to their classrooms at a designated time for a time of games, crafts, and Bible Story.  Parents can pick up their kids after the service is over in their Sunday School classroom. If you need help finding a particular classroom, feel free to ask one of the Church School attendants!

You can find more information about our programs for Children and Youth here.

In all of our services there is a wide range of styles of clothing so whatever you wear will be fine!

Typically, though, people at our Saturday 5:00 pm and our Sunday 10:30 am services tend to be a bit more casual and at our Sunday 9:30 am service a bit more formal.

We have a fairly large church building which has a parking lot that completely surrounds the building.  This can sometimes make it difficult to know where to park and enter.

For Saturday and Sunday services, most people find it easiest to park in the back of our building and enter via the covered walkway.

If you are looking for the church office during the week it is easiest to park in the front of the church closest to Hooper Ave. and enter the door that is labeled “Office”.

You can find a copy of our campus map here.

If you enter via the covered walkway you will enter into our Welcome Center where we have members waiting to greet you before our worship services and help you find your way. Or you can head to the left to find the Sanctuary for our 9:30 am Sunday services or to the right to our Fellowship Hall for our 5:00 pm Saturday service and 10:30 am Sunday Service.

You can find a copy of our campus map here.

We have 3 different weekly worship services each with a different character and feel.  It is our hope that you will be able to find a style of worship and a time that works for you.

You can find more information about our different worship services here.

We celebrate Communion (also called the Lord’s Supper or the Eucharist) in all of our services on the first weekend of the month except for in December when we celebrate it on the first Sunday of Advent.  For our children we have a Disciples Communion Class held each spring for students 5th grade and older that helps students understand the significance of Communion and prepares them to receive it.

Baptism is typically celebrated on the second weekend of the month. In certain circumstances, it may be celebrated on a different weekend, and therefore we encourage you to contact our church office for a current schedule if you’re interested in scheduling a baptism.

You can find more information about Baptism here.

Yes! You can visit our Livestream page to watch services live at 5 pm and 9:30 am or you can visit any time to view past services.

Visit our Livestream Page here.

We also have a weekly podcast of the sermons that you can find wherever you get your podcasts.

Visit our Podcast Page here. 

We have assisted listening devices  and large print copies of the Hymns and Liturgy available for our 9:30 am service for those who need them. Ask an usher if you need assistance with either of these.

Several times each year we will hold a membership information meeting where you can learn more about the church and explore what it means to be a member more fully. Following that meeting there will be a time to meet with members of the session in order to formally join in membership. We encourage all new members to then take part in our New Members Class which will help you learn more about our church and connect with others members.  If you are interested in joining as a member speak with a pastor after the service or you can contact the church office at 732-349-1331 or [email protected]

Joining in membership is a great opportunity to make known your commitment to the church and desire to be involved in the life of our congregation. However, all are welcome to participate in any of our church programs whether or not they are a member.

You can find out more about Membership here. 

Our pastors would love to talk with you about issues of faith and help you find answers to your questions. You can contact the church office to set up a time to meet with one of our Pastors by calling 732-349-1331 or contact Sandra Potts or Kate Grill at [email protected] to set up a time to meet.