Elders and Deacons


The Elders of the Church are elected by the congregation and make up the “Session” which is responsible for the governance of the church and for strengthening and nurturing the faith and life of the congregation.  Elders in our church also serve chairs or members of  different commissions. Each commission oversees as specific ministry area of our church.  You can read more about the role of elders here. 

Adult Discipleship
Warren Brown – Chair
Email: [email protected]

Youth Commission
Kim Thomas – Chair
Kari Muller
Email: [email protected]

Children’s Commission
Tracy Hanson – Chair
Email: [email protected]

Communications & IT
Adam Koeppen – Chair
Email: [email protected]

Congregational Care & Life
Constance Ollendorf – Chair
Ranmali Ponnambalam
Email: [email protected]

Evangelism & Membership
Jill MacIntyre
Email: [email protected]

Finance & Stewardship
Jenn Vigneault – Chair
Email: [email protected]

Outreach & Mission
Kim Cuneo – Chair
Christy Fernandez
Email: [email protected]

Personnel Commission
Sandy Ross – Chair
Graham Bright
Daniel Raisch
Kim Veith
Email: [email protected]

Property Commission
Dave Seiders – Chair
Email: [email protected]

Worship & Music Commission
Peter VanDyke – Chair
Email: [email protected]

Moderator of Session:
Rev. Robbie Ytterberg

President, Board of Trustees:
Jill MacIntyre

Clerk of Session/Secretary, Board of Trustees:
Dan Raisch – [email protected]

Vice President, Board of Trustees:
Kim Cuneo

David Shipman


The Deacons of the church are elected by the congregation to minister to those who are in need and to serve those in the congregation and community.  You can read more about the role of deacons here.  Our Deacons can be reached via email at: [email protected]

Class of 2021
Lorraine Adams
Landon Armbruster
Beth Burak
Vivian Burns
Michelle Gies
Ronna Meyer
Candy Peterson
Jack Pollon
Liz Ritacco
Jennifer Ward

Class of 2022
Warren Gies
Nancy Ewald
Pete Thomson
Jon Sumner
Gail Smith
Maddy Wagner
Heather Claxton
Carol Shipman
Audrey Rossman
Joan Kofke

Class of 2023
Megan Banach
Todd Banach
Drew Carswell
Lynn Carswell
Chuck Gregory
Cheryl Homyak
Sherry McAllister
Julius Raichle
John Specht
Jennifer Zieser