Elders and Deacons


The Elders of the Church are elected by the congregation and make up the “Session” which is responsible for the governance of the church and for strengthening and nurturing the faith and life of the congregation.  You can read more about the role of elders here. 

Class of 2019
Mary Burak
T.J. Grill
Judy Haas
Dawn Hans
Iver Kennedy
Lynn Murphy
Bill Pabst
Meredith Wagenblast
Class of 2020
Caroline Danowitz
Jon Henbest
Ellen Hyers
Gary Lotano
David Shipman
Liz Thomson
Class of 2021
Graham Bright
Christy Fernandez
Jill MacIntyre
David Seiders
Kim Thomas
Kim Veith


The Deacons of the church are elected by the congregation to minister to those who are in need and to serve those in the congregation and community.  You can read more about the role of deacons here. 

Class of 2019
Caitlyn Blyth
Denise Cameron
Domenick Carino
Noelle Carino
Janice Fix
Don Fix
Karen Hale
Mike Hale
Lisa Hardifer
Dennis Holzapfel
Jennifer Holzapfel
Sherry McAllister
Kathy McOwen
Beth Mulholland
Dianne Reed
Lou Viggiano
Yvette Wagner
Class of 2020
Lucia D’Ambrosio
Jean Keyasko
Ginger McCulloch
MaryAnn Mazzaro
Denise O’Hara
Charlotte Perry
Michael Piserchia
Vicki Ridgway
Kim Santora
Ethel Vircik
Class of 2021
Lorraine Adams
Landon Armbruster
Beth Burak
Vivian Burns
Michelle Gies
Ronna Meyer
Candy Peterson
Jack Pollon
Liz Ritacco
Jennifer Ward